Awards and Recognitions

First Community Health Worker (CHW) to become Certified in the State of Florida (2015)

Personally interviewed on the Tuesday Together Talk Podcast during Women's History Month-themed "Women Leading Communities" (2022)

Received Inspire Award from the City's My Sister's Keeper Fellowship Committee (2022)

Spotlight article on Atilol Consulting Solutions in the City's Greenhouse Newsletter (2023)

Received Community Partnership Award from the Stephanie A. Wynn (SAW) Foundation (2023)

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Our Mission

The mission of Atilol Consulting Solutions is to educate and equip small businesses with the necessary tools and essentials to establish, maintain, and succeed as a business. Our vision is to inspire and empower small businesses to reach their highest potential.
Lolita is genuinely compassionate and committed to her clients and the services Atilol (which is Lolita spelled backwards) provides. Her passion for the community is unwavering.

Our Values

Here at Atilol Consulting Solutions, we connect with our clients by being R.E.A.L., which literally means being Relatable, Empathic, Assertive, and Logical. It all begins with changing the business mindset, and Atilol is here to assist and facilitate our clients’ through the process.


Our short and long-term goals for Atilol Consulting Solutions are to expand our service territory by connecting with agencies, organizations, and small businesses throughout the world, even internationally.  Our goals also include expanding our client base to over 1,000 by 2024. 

Small businesses everywhere need assistance and guidance, and although Florida is Atilol’s home state, we will continue to serve small businesses everywhere who are serious about taking their business, regardless of their geographical location or capacity, to the next level. 

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